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About Shari

From my first day of kindergarten I KNEW I LOVED ART!
I opened a new box of crayons and the fragrance will forever be in my mind.
I drew a cat, the best looking cat I had ever seen.
My Mother tucked it away in her Hope Chest and showed it to me about 30 years later. I refused to believe it was the same masterpiece of kindergarten.
After much effort by my Mother, I was convinced  & thought I should forget being an Artist. 
My husband bought me Art Classes as a Valentines Gift. 
It changed my life forever.





Thank you for visiting my site.
I have been greatly influenced by Gustav Klimnt, John Singer Sargent and other Impressionists.
The paintings on this site have been crafted by me.
Some are available, others are sold.
I can paint another one or have a giclee made.

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